Superstar Sports Day for FWISD Special Education Students

Each year, FWISD host a special sport day just for the students with physical and cognative challenges. These students are eager to try their hand, or foot in some cases, in the many sports challenge events created on the fields of the Handley-Meadowbrook Recreation Center.

Photos from the May 3 event are published on the School News page.


DENIED Re: ZC 16-075 proposed
car wash at Eastchase / JT White

Monday, May 2, 2016, 12:25 PM –– Zoning  change ZC 16-075 for a purposed car wash at Eastchase Pkwy  and John T. White was unanimously denied by the Zoning  Commission on April 13, 2016.

 This  case went before City Council on May 3 at 7pm. Residents on the Eastside who opposed this zoning change & carwash attended the council meeting wearing RED shirts.

Scott  Willingham stated in his opposition that "the  Shell Carwash on Meadowbrook and Randol Mill closed due to  customers being panhandled. The environmentally friendly,  Big Green Care Wash by NE Mall is closing, the Gun Shop on  the corner of Anderson Blvd and Eastchase Pkwy has closed  and sits vacant as well as the old Majestic Liquor Store at  820 and Randol Mill Rd. "

Judy Taylor, President of Handley Neighborhood Association said "Thanks to all for taking me into the Red Shirt group Tuesday and thanks to the council for the denial of the car wash zone change. United We Stand for great things in the East Gateway to Fort Worth."


Many Eastside residents had sent emails in opposition of the change to Councilwoman Gyna Bivens on this issue. After City Council voted to reject the zoning change for the carwash, she sent us this email also sent to many of the Neighborhood Associations in the nearby area.

From the desk of Gyna Bivens, District 5:

I did speak with the company representative and advised him one of our priorities is to bring the following to our district:

  •  Signature Grocery Store
  •  Table Service Restaurant
  •  Full Service Car Wash

That stated, I offered to schedule a meeting with him that would include Judy Taylor, Jerry Barton and reps from East Fort Worth Business Association and East Fort Worth, Inc.  This discussion just took place yesterday, so the meeting  has yet to be scheduled.  Although I think E. Lancaster in the Handley area has a couple of ideal locations, I will rely on a couple of developers (including Jerry), Neighborhood President Judy and staff from the City of Fort Worth's Economic Development department to weigh in on location.

I want to thank Scott Willingham for leading the effort to communicate with the applicant from Day 1.  Scott was very frank in advising the applicant, we would oppose his location.   Zoning representative Melissa McDougal delivered by getting the zoning commission to oppose the measure and my council buddies supported my motion to deny.  It is on record that we want a car wash---just not at that location.

Please know Cynthia has probably confirmed addresses with some of you as we prepare to schedule some critical meetings for District 5 that will address:

 1.  City of Fort Worth Budget Preparation. Chief Financial Officer Aaron Bovos has confirmed his willingness to meet with us again to discuss the city's budget process.  I prefer to start our district   Planning on the front end vs after it is presented to council.   To be clear:  start your wish lists of what is need.  I frankly don't know the specific difference as to what goes in the budget   or what is best suited for a bond package.  Until I figure it out, just make your list of any and everything you see a need for.  I think the City should be staffed so that there is a 'go to'   person to always be found recruiting business.  The Chamber is key to luring Facebook, GE Transportation and the big dawgs, but we know it is highly unlikely that we will get a major chain restaurant in the district, so someone focusing on the small/locally owned businesses will be helpful.

 2.  Leadership Meeting.  The last leadership meeting we had featured an expert in recruiting signature grocery stores.  He has maintained a dialogue with  us since that first meeting and I have   Introduced him to Ken Newell as his development ... along with the 400 homes being built by D.R. Horton are major factors in us hitting the numbers needed to be considered.   We will   build the agenda for the next Leadership Meeting based on input from you.

Based on concerns we hear on a regular basis, I can tell you, we will again invite the department heads   of Code Compliance, Chief of Police, Planning and Development and Zoning.

I want us to  help apartment dwellers get organized.   Areas I have reached out to include a complex near   Bell Helicopter, a Senior Citizen community run by the Housing Authority and a complex in CentrePort.  I believe getting these people organized will help our communities overall in   terms of community stewardship and improved communication.  We filled the room at Woodhaven Country Club at the last meeting.  A location for the upcoming meeting will be announced.

  I will be asking Danny Scarth to join Scott Willingham and update us on transportation.  We will also have a Question and Answer session on development---How it really works.

 3.  Mayor Comes to District. I've stated publicly how our Mayor has been to ALL of District 5 more times than I can count.  She has been to  Mallard Cove, Stop Six, Bentley Village, Handley, River Trails,   Cavile....and the list goes on.

I will share those dates with you in the next email.


Also at the City Council meeting…

Affordable Housing Vouchers for  proposed apartment complex at
N. Beach at Shiver has been Denied

Cary Moon, District 4 (far north) had a 55 passenger bus deliver 55 NFW homeowners to the council chamber. Standing room only, there to make their voices heard. They do not want an Affordable Housing Apartment project located at N. Beach St & Shiver.

Cary Moon announced this victory on Facebook: "My friends and neighbors - We WON! The developer's application for Affordable Housing Vouchers for an proposed apartment complex located at N. Beach/Shiver has been denied. The Mayor and Council heard your voice, listened to your concerns and voted accordingly."

Residents were surveyed and it was 3% for the complex and 97% Against. He told his constituents "As your councilman, I heard loud and clear that the folks in NFW didn’t want more apartments at Shiver and N. Beach. Unfortunately, the zoning change wasn’t approved. Next, on May 3rd, the Mayor and council will vote to allow affordable housing waivers for this development. I've heard your voice and I'm fighting against those waviers. Please attend this council meeting and let the FW council hear your voice. "


EHHS Announces Three New Distinguished Alumnus

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 28, 2016) – Eastern Hills High School, a tradition-rich, 56-year-old Fort Worth ISD school located in east Fort Worth, announced three new members to its prestigious Distinguished Alumnus Hall of Fame.  The new honorees include Jane Hampton Cook, who is an illustrious author, media personality and former White House staff member; Lieutenant Colonel John D. Martinko, who is a prominent senior Marine Corp officer; and John Sparks, an award-winning broadcast journalist. They join the ranks of 28 other Distinguished Alumnus whose ranks include Pulitzer Prize winners, Super Bowl players, and leaders in business, medicine, politics, law, public service, entertainment, sports and philanthropy.

“We are humbled to welcome three new Distinguished Alumnus recipients into our school’s Hall of Fame,” said Principal Chad McCarty, who is also an EHHS graduate. “People often scatter across the country, if not the globe, after exiting high school, so we rely on our alumni network to let us know about classmates who have gone on to have exceptional success in their lives and careers.  Our newest inductees are exceptional role models for today’s students and clearly illustrate that the pursuit of excellence and service is something each and every one of us is capable of achieving.”

EHHS will formally recognize the three new Distinguished Alumnus with a ceremony in front of alums, students, parents and the community at halftime of a football game this fall. Details of that ceremony will be announced at a later date.

Continued on School News Page


Burgess Hosts 8th Annual Emergency Preparedness Summit

Stressing importance of emergency planning in the wake of severe storms that hit Texas

Aubrey, TX — This weekend Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade, hosted his 8th Annual Emergency Preparedness Summit & Fair at Aubrey High School in Aubrey, Texas.

Over 500 North Texas residents joined emergency responders from the Aubrey ISD Police Department, the City of Aubrey Fire Department, the Town of Providence Village and Denton County Emergency Services to learn from the experts about putting plans in place to keep themselves and their families safe. Disasters, whether natural or man-made, can occur anytime or anywhere. The North Texas region is no stranger to the unpredictability of dangerous weather or emergency situations.

WBAP Chief Meteorologist Brad Barton and National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Fox delivered the keynote addresses touching on the tumultuous weather that North Texas has experienced over the last year and underscoring the importance of being prepared for even the most unpredictable  emergency situations.

“When disaster strikes, we must be ready to act immediately,” Burgess said. “You are the first line of defense for you and your family and it is critical that you have a plan in place. While we can’t plan for every emergency situation, my hope is that this summit provides North Texans the tools to protect and prepare themselves.”

Attendees had the opportunity to interact with an array of demonstrations and exhibits including Denco Area 9-1-1, FEMA, Texas Search and Rescue – North Texas Division, City of Lewisville – Office of Emergency Management, among many others. Additionally, the electrical engineering department at the University of North Texas conducted a drone demonstration to display the benefits drones provide in the aftermath of emergency situations.

Riverside Arts District now River East Market

 A few updates! Our market on Race Street will return May 14th 9 AM to 1PM! The market now has a dedicated sponsor, Criterion Development Partners. With that sponsorship we'll be able to continue hosting events in the great spaces on Race Street and marketing those events to the community.

The sponsorship also comes with a name change, the market will now be called the "River East Market".  The market is still organized and run by the volunteers at the Riverside Arts District.

We will still hold the market on the second Saturday of every month May through December.

We will still bring our community great artists, vendors, and fun at each of our markets. While we loved having the market named for its location, a location we are proud to call our home, a new name won't change our commitment to this community.

 Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see each and every one of you out at the River East Market on Saturday, May 14th from 9am – 1pm.

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Max Brennan is pastor of

St. Matthew United Methodist Church

 2414 Hitson Lane, Fort Worth 76112.    817.451.6980

Sundays at 11:00 am

 You can lead a horse to school but you can’t make him think.

 Or something like that.

 It’s hard to make people think, too—but I find myself trying.

 I hear this all the time: Science and religion are two unrelated subjects that have nothing to do with each other.


Science seeks to define reality and so does religion. And both seek reality through a study of evidence.

As I worked on my next book, Discovering God, I began by examining all kinds of religious experiences. (No—this book’s not out yet. Ask again in October.)

Half way through the book, I found myself talking about science.

Quantum physics, to be exact.

Religion had taken me to science. The deep reality described by quantum physics is the same deep reality we encounter in religious experience.

(Stick with me here. Let’s think for just a minute.)

The resurrection was a quantum physics event.

Now the suffering of Jesus on the cross for our sins—that was all love—all grace—all miracle.

And that suffering was hard.

It was divine agony.

But the resurrection—that was a piece of cake for God.

The body of Jesus just disappeared from that linen cloth it was wrapped in.

It dematerialized.

In quantum physics terms, it moved from particle to wave—as matter can and does.

In religious terms, it moved from matter to spirit.

So we can talk about the resurrection in quantum physics terms.


Because it was a real event.

It was a physical event. It left physical evidence inside that tomb.

And I believe that anyone who looks at all of the evidence for the resurrection will be pushed to a conclusion: Jesus is Lord.

And he is risen.

And he is with us now.

 Worship somewhere on Sunday.  (Our service is at 11:00)


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