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Zoning Commission votes on Concrete Recycling Plant on June 8

Nolan Catholic Highschool withdraws continuance

To Whom It May Concern:

Nolan Catholic High School hereby respectfully withdraws its request for a continuance of the June 8, 2016 hearing on Zoning Case is EC – 16 – 096, which was made to the commission by the letter dated May 19, 2016.

 Nolan Catholic remains strongly opposed to the application, but believes it in the best interest of the students, faculty, and families of Nolan Catholic High School, as well as the Diocese of Fort Worth, that the zoning application be heard on June 8, 2016.


Erin Vader, President

Nolan Catholic High School



Rita Vinson, President of League of Neighborhoods confirmed that a committee of 12 people will be planning and presenting their objections to the Concrete Plant at the Zoning Commission meeting.

The committee is being Co-chaired by Fred Fernandez, president of White Lake Hills NA, and Alex Jimenez, President of East Fort Worth Inc. Committee members include the presidents of Riverbend HOA, West Meadowbrook NA, Eastern Hills HOA, Woodhaven, Central Meadowbrook, Garden of Eden, & Handley and several others.

Google Earth© map of the area north of Gateway Park

developers map from presention

Below is the complete slide show, as presented by Barry L. Hudson, AICP, CNU-A, Associate/Senior Planner at Dunaway Associates, L.P.  Fort Worth • Austin • Midland • Prosper


If you want to email your Mayor or Councilperson, here are their email addresses:

  • Mayor Betsy Price    betsy.price@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D2 Sal Espino    sal.espino@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D3 Winton Zimmerman  winton.zimmerman@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D4 Cary Moon    cary.moon@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D5 Gyna Bivens    gyna.bivens@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D6 Jungus Jordan    jungus.jordan@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D7 Dennis Shingleton    dennis.shingleton@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D8 Kelly Allen-Gray    kelly.allen.gray@fortworthtexas.gov
  • City Council D9 Ann Zadeh    Ann.Zadeh@fortworthtexas.gov



Zoning Commissioners

Will Northern              Will@northernrealtygroup.com                                                   CD 1

Carlos Flores                carestflores@yahoo.com         Vice Chair                                CD 2

John Cockrell Sr.         jcockrell@cockrellenovation.com                                              CD 3

Charles Edmonds       charles@charlesedmonds.com                                                 CD 4

Melissa McDougall    mcdougall.mk@gmail.com                                                          CD 5

Sandra Runnels          srunnels@rhsb.com                                                                    CD 6

Nick Genua                  ngenua@charter.net                  Chair                                         CD 7

Wanda Conlin             donandwanda@charter.net                                                        CD 8

Leah Dunn                   leah.dunn@hotmail.com                                                              CD 9


Zoning Correspondence, Planning Manager,

Jocelyn Murphy          jocelyn.murphy@fortworthtexas.gov


For those who prefer USPS:

Zoning Commission or City Council

1000 Throckmorton St.

Fort Worth TX, 76102


Houston Chronicle story about the land owner



May 18, 2016 — The first public meeting was held at Nolan Catholic High School on Tuesday, May 17 for Eastside residents to hear from the developer and land owner for the property across from Gateway Park on First Street, between Beach and Oakland.

The auditorium was full, and there were people standing along the wall and back area. An informal roll call was taken, and almost all of the neighborhood/homeowner associations were represented.

Residents representing neighbors from the area surround the property were quite vocal in their objections to the zoning change and the proposed property development to build a concrete recycling plant.

Fred Fernandez, President, White Lake Hills NA, hosted the meeting.

District 4 Councilman Cary Moon spoke before the meeting, then left to attend City Council meeting. He has a survey online for you to vote. Let Cary know how you stand on this issue: CaryMoonSurvey.


Barry Hudson of Dunaway Associates, presented the project.

Wallace Hall, one of the property owners, also spoke.

The application describes the property owner as the

Jane White, 2011 Irrevocable Trust c/o West Fork Partners, L. P.;   whallewetlandpartners.com

The following neighborhoods in the Neighborhoods of East FW Alliance were represented:

  • White Lake Hills NA
  • West Meadowbrook NA
  • Central Meadowbrook NA
  • Woodhaven NA
  • Riverbend of FW HOA
  • Ryanwood NA
  • Handley NA
  • Eastern Hills NA
  • Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborhood (BOHN) Association
  • Garden of Eden
  • Riverside Alliance


Several people had handouts they distributed, one about the effects of Silicosis, the other, a petition to reject to the plant. (read them  here.)


Online Petition to REJECT ZC-16-096 Zoning Change request for Concrete Recycling Plant

“We the undersigned residents of Fort Worth hereby OPPOSE the approval of the City of Fort Worth ZC-16-096Zoning change request (proposed Concrete Recycling Plant).

We believe that the proposed use is incompatible with the environmental need and future of the area, that it will hinder or negate the positive development that is being experienced in the area, and that approval of a zoning change as requested is against the will of the people of Fort Worth.”

Sign the online petition: http:bit.ly/noconcrete

The speakers had a hard time being heard over the noise from the audience. The loudest Booos were in response to a comment that 'the land owners have planned a concrete facility for 20 years, but only now is the city infrastructure in place for the plant to utilize." Audience grumbling about Big Trucks, road and auto damages, traffic delays, safety on the road drowned out the next statement. (and both ends of Randol Mill and First Street have NO TRUCKS signs.

The second loudest boooing was after the statements about "back-zoning" (rezoning property to a lower dentisty use) and that "the concrete plant was preferable to high-density multi-family apartment complex on that land, as it is currently zoned."

Boos were also shouted at the speaker when he said noise studies showed the plant would not be heard by the residents of White Lake Hills, as the Chesapeake compressor stations would cover any noise coming from the plant.

At he conclusion of the meeting, one  home owner stood and asked the audience for a show of hands of who was in SUPPORT of the concrete plant development. NO ONE raised their hand. Everyone of the estimated 400* people in attendance were totally against the plant construction. (* the auditorium seats 450 and many people were standing along the walls, none of the head counts had the same number!)

The questions the audience wrote on card were sorted into boxes by topic, but the were not answered at the meeting. Hopefully, these questions will be addressed by the developer & land owner, and their answers will be published here, if they are provided.

If you have corrections, clarifications, revisions or additional information to include to this story, PLEASE call or email me!! -kat

Alternate Land Use Idea

Dear Mayor Price and City Council Members,

As a home owner and frequent guest of Gateway Park, I am adamantly AGAINST a concrete plant being developed along the stretch of the Trinity River that is one of the last natural green spaces in Fort Worth. A concrete plant offers NOTHING as an incentive for other businesses to invest in building along First Street, and it prevents this side of Fort Worth from developing to its full potential of pretty, and green parks, and mixed use development.

The RESIDENTS who live within a mile of this site, myself included, and all the Gateway Park guests are NOT benefitted by a large industrial facility. In fact, the concrete facility will be damaging to our health from the dust, it will pollute the river, it will increase industrial traffic on Beach and Oakland, and it creates a BIG truck – small car / bicycle /pedestrian fatality accident just waiting to happen.

This area is our backyard, our park and playground! We want development that promotes green, recreation, and nature conservation!! Concrete crushing does none of that.

This is my idea for the land north of Gateway Park.

Instead of a concrete plant, build an Equine-friendly RV Park (using Arlington’s Treetops Carefree RV Park as the model  http://www.carefreecommunities.com/rv-parks/texas/treetops/) suitable for larger RVs/Buses and animal trailers for all the bovine/equine organization folks that come to Fort Worth every year for the Stock Show & Rodeo, NCHA events, and all the other animal shows. Every one that brings an animal for show or competition drives a pickup truck and tows a trailer. We do not have any large RV facilities within the city limits.

Give this RV park a western sounding name: Horseshoe Bend River Trails RV Park. Make the frontage buildings look old west Texas, with architecture similar to the stock yards area, or Old Town village near the Zoo.

I think that the land could be developed to handle 250+ RVs, plus a parking lot for additional trailers. The green space closer to the river could be a pasture for animals. Plus there is already a suitable dirt road for horse trail along the river edge. All this can be created with minimal destruction to the land and nature. MORE trees could & should be planted. The concrete already on site could be used for parking pads gravel.

 read full letter here



Renee Higginbotham-Brooks

5601 Bridge Street, Suite 300, Fort Worth, TX 76112

(817) 334-0106 office


email: brooks99@sbcglobal.net


Over 30 years experience in:

• Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

• Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney

• Probate Administration


Max Brennan is pastor of

St. Matthew United Methodist Church

 2414 Hitson Lane, Fort Worth 76112.    817.451.6980

Sundays at 11:00 am

Michael Shermer (age 51), founder of Skeptic magazine, is the go-to guy for atheism.

We see him often on TV arguing against the existence of God and life after death.

But a year ago that skepticism got “shaken to the core.”

It happened during his wedding to Jennifer Graf. They had just said their vows in front of friends and family at their home, but Jennifer felt sad and lonely.

She whispered that she wanted to talk privately so they moved to their bedroom.

Jennifer told Michael she missed her grandfather, who died when she was 16. He was the only real father she had known. She wished he were there to give her away.

As they talked, they noticed music playing, but there was no music system in that room.

They thought at first it was coming from the printer on the


desk, but that was impossible. So they looked in the desk.

Her grandfather’s old Philco radio was playing a love song—that same old radio Michael had tried so hard to fix. He had tried everything, but finally gave it up as a hopeless cause and threw the old Philco in the back of the desk drawer.

But now, when Jennifer began talking about her grandfather, the radio just started playing!

  “My grandfather is with us,” she said tearfully.

The broken radio played all night and fell silent the next day.

After that, Michael wasn’t sure what to believe.

That can happen—when our beliefs are not rooted in reality.

God is real. Life goes on.

Live with it.


Sunday, May 15 is Pentecost. Worship somewhere. If you come to St. Matthew, our service is at 11:00—pot-luck dinner after.



HELP WANTED at The Library Café


1.) Assistant Restaurant Manager to handle Marketing and General Restaurant Management.


2.) Assistant Chef with International Cooking experience.


Send resume’s to: aida.aguilar@efwma.org or call 956.371.6728

tell them you saw it on GreaterMeadowbrookNews.

Head Quarters

Cuts & Styles Barbershop


Contact: Travis Johnson at 817.412.4211

tell them you saw it on GreaterMeadowbrookNews.

Voters approve 11-member
City Council

Posted May 9, 2016

The Fort Worth City Council will increase from eight members plus the mayor to a total of 11 members sometime after the 2020 census.

Voters approved the city charter amendment, along with numerous others, on Saturday.

According to final unofficial vote totals, these propositions failed:

Proposition 1. Would have increased the number of years from two years to three years that a councilmember serves after elected.

Proposition 3. Would have increased the salary of the mayor and councilmembers in October of 2016.

These propositions passed:

Proposition 2. Increases the number of councilmembers from nine members to 11 beginning with the first election following the 2020 census.

Proposition 4. Allows a council seat that is vacant to be filled by a majority of the City Council, provided the seat will be vacant 12 months or less prior to the next election. (This proposition passed but will not be implemented as it was dependent on the passage of Proposition 1 which failed.)

Proposition 5. Allows the mayor and councilmembers to be sworn in at the same time the votes are canvassed.

Proposition 6. Clarifies that a candidate must live in the district 180 days before the election.

Proposition 7. Allows removal of municipal judges for cause.

Proposition 8. Public hearings and publications will be handled in compliance with state law, reducing costs.

Proposition 9. Clarifies that the ordinance with the highest number of affirmative votes prevails.

Proposition 10. Allows the city to use electronic notices if allowed by state law.

Proposition 11. Removes charter provisions inconsistent with state and federal law.

The charter defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of city government. The city’s first home rule charter was adopted in 1924, establishing the city council/city manager form of government Fort Worth uses today. Before Saturday, the charter had been amended 13 times since adoption, most recently in 2006.

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