FWISD buys old Kroger Building on Bridgewood at Bridge

Most of us know the Kroger building — it was a thriving grocery store for years. It was closed by the company and has been a two-decade blighted eyesore of 76,000 square feet.

All that neglect is changing with the purchase of the building by the Fort Worth Independent School District.

FWISD School Board President Tobi Jackson worked hard to bring the Kroger building back to life as a satellite for EFW employees and students.

 The competition for this new office was another Kroger building on Camp Bowie, which was the preferred site.

After much discussion, and cartography style maps, it was proven that school employees were more conveniently located to this eastside building, the schools they would serve are in EFW and SEFW and our recruitment of new employees is "SWEETLY IMPROVED" as this locale attracts from N, S, E and W with easy freeway access.

Phase I: Computer Technology brings 50 employees to dine, shop and work in EFW May 2019.

Employees will move from multiple locations with technology to Bridgewood which saves money, creates face to face collaboration and most importantly consolidates all of our equipment in one location.

In May 2019, 50 employees who are our computer network and computer customer service will begin their lives in this new building as Phase I is completed.

Phase 2: Employees (content specialists in History, English language arts, mathematics and science) will be moved from the administration building to this building in August 2020.

The benefit is that our content specialists: History, Language Arts, English, Mathematics and Science will be rapidly deployed to campuses in need of their services. Further, these employees will be in the technology-focused center working together on curriculum and campus based technology. Before they were scattered in multiple buildings at 100 N University and nearby.

Phase 2 adds the Curriculum training center and at minimum 100 new employees.

Admin building residents (content specialists) will move out to this area with expertise in: Science, English Language Arts, History, Math.

We will have a large sign which is in process which and finalized with design in the next two months.  This sign was requested by Tobi Jackson to  be utilized as a community sign for all to utilize.

The new facility will also have a community room for Neighborhood Associations to utilize free (or at a reasonable fee, to be determined.)

Let's welcome our newest business neighbor and thank Tobi Jackson for working so hard to make this happen.

(Lloyd is out taking photos.)


On March 28th Pinnacle Bank held a reception in the Downtown office to recognize two of their employees. Carolann Morris had been given the Bold Woman of the Year award by Girl’s, Inc. and Tony Prenger was chosen as one of the 40 Under 40 for recognition at the annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner on April 24th presented by the Fort Worth Business Press.

Morris offices in the Downtown Pinnacle Bank and Tony Prenger is President of Pinnacle Woodhaven Branch.

Tony is also a member of East Fort Worth Business Association. We add our congratulations to these outstanding young people.


Historic Handley gets new signs

The installation of way finding signs promoting Handley businesses is another step toward raising awareness about the retail and business opportunities available in Historic Handley.    “I see this as an asset to businesses like Eastside Antiques and M&M’s resale shop and others,” said Jean McClung-Historic Handley Development Corporation.

She added more amenities are coming referencing plans for the gazebo as a wedding destination spot and even support from Union Pacific whose leader have committed to erecting a fence. Councilwoman Gyna Bivens convened meetings with business owners to get their input on a design for the wayfinding sign.  Paul Kerpoe updated the group on the City’s work to install 80 feet of sewer pipeline.

Wil Dryden commended the Handley shop owners who have ‘hung in there’ and talked about the importance of an engaged business community.  Nedia Dryden wants to see an event promoting the caboose since it receives a lot of attention from motorists who often circle the block to see the unique historic rail attraction.

M&M owner James Owens was acknowledged for bringing this idea to the City Council office on behalf of other business owners.

511DFW app upgraded to enhance user experience

Posted April 16, 2019

A regional app and website for providing road condition information, 511DFW, received an upgrade this spring to improve the user experience.

With the improvements, users can quickly access free real-time information on traffic and transit conditions in both English and Spanish. The app also now allows users to access and integrate their personalized My511 account, previously a website-only feature. My511 lets users save frequent trips.

As a privacy feature, users can travel to intersections rather than specific destinations.

Other website-only features now available on the app include access to a customizable map, live dynamic message signs (the electronic information signs with traffic updates along highways), and highway cameras that refresh with photos of live traffic at least every five minutes. These features mean users can now scope out their trip before they leave for a destination. Information on traffic speeds for freeways and arterials, weather alerts, bus stops, crashes, road construction, and current and upcoming events impacting traffic, are still available on the app. Motorist assistance information for freeways can also be found on the app.

The upgrades to 511DFW still use travel data from other apps, including Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze to maximize the user experience. The 511DFW app is available in the App Store or on Google Play. Although the app requires a smartphone, anyone with a phone can still call 511 to get the latest traffic information.

City launches residential food scrap composting program

Posted April 16, 2019

You'd be surprised by all the types of food that can be composted. If you are not composting in your own yard or garden this program may be right for you.

A banana peel, leftover bread and even coffee grounds make great compost. Food scrap composting collection has come to Fort Worth as another way to reduce what goes to the landfill and how much methane goes into the air. The pilot program will allow residents to separate food scraps from trash and help create a beneficial soil nutrient that is better for the environment.

That’s what the City of Fort Worth refers to as rethinking waste — a sustainable movement that helps the city better manage its garbage.

More people in Fort Worth want to do what’s environmentally right and help make the community greener. That means reducing waste, reusing items, recycling more and composting.

The pilot program is available to all Fort Worth residents.

 Register for the program.

An annual fee of $20 provides residents with a starter kit that includes a kitchen countertop pail, a five-gallon sealable bucket, assorted educational materials and a refrigerator magnet detailing what can and cannot be composted.

The $20 fee will be donated to Keep Fort Worth Beautiful for its ongoing programs and activities.

As the kitchen pail fills, transfer composting materials to the five-gallon bucket in your garage, laundry room or other area of your choosing. Once the five-gallon bucket is full, drop off food scraps at one of 10 collection sites across the city.

Only residential food scraps are accepted in the composting pilot program. Most foods can be composted: fruits and vegetables, bread and other baked goods, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, eggshells, and cooked meats just to mention a few. Items not acceptable for composting: raw meats, gum, fats and oils, pet waste, Styrofoam, plastic packaging, and most nonedible materials.

To learn more, visit the composting program webpage or call 817-392-1234.


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