Learn Something New! Take a class.

Learn the inner workings of emergency medicine at
MedStar Citizens Academy

Tuesdays, 6 – 9pm, April 4 — May 9

Posted March 6, 2017 — Academy participants will see demonstrations of equipment and procedures used by EMS crews in the field.

Take an interactive, behind-the-scenes look at emergency medical as part of the MedStar Citizen’s Academy.

Classes will be held 6-9 p.m. on Tuesdays, April 4–May 9. Participants must be at least 18 years old and live or work in the MedStar service area. Classes will be conducted at the MedStar Training Academy, 2900 Alta Mere Drive.

Topics include:

  • 911 dispatch operations.
  • Medicine on the move: demonstration of equipment and emergency medical procedures.
  • Life in EMS. Ride along on an ambulance.
  • Basic first aid, including chest compression and automated external defibrillators.

    The new role of EMS in mobile integrated healthcare delivery.

The class is free, but space is limited. Apply online.

Learn how Fort Worth is improving its flood warning system–March 23

Posted March 6, 2017 – Learn about the current flood warning system and future plans to make the system more reliable and relevant by expanding the flood gaging network, adding new software and developing a flood response plan.

A public meeting is scheduled for 6-7 p.m. March 23 at the Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods, 818 Missouri Ave., Room 201.

This flood warning project is jointly funded by the City of Fort Worth and the Texas Water Development Board. Additional public meetings will be held at the mid-point and end of the project.

To learn more, contact Ranjan S. Muttiah at 817-392-7919 or Linda Sterne at 817-392-2690.

Three East Fort Worth Restaurants Now Serving Up Blue Zones -Inspired Choices!

FORT WORTH, Texas (February 23, 2017) – Three restaurants on Fort Worth’s east side began showcasing Blue Zones-inspired menu items this month as they begin their efforts to become Blue Zones Project Approved™. Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth is a community-led well-being improvement initiative that partners with restaurants and other organization throughout the community to make healthier choices easier.

Blue Zones-inspired dishes offer healthier alternatives and plant-based ingredients, in keeping with diets in the world’s Blue Zones areas, where people live longer with less chronic disease. Each restaurant also is taking part in a 10-week pilot program designed to drive more traffic to the restaurant by offering three to four new plant-based options and implementing best practices to make healthy choices easier for customers. They are:

 Lady and the Pit, a local barbeque and home-style cooking favorite at 2220 Handley Dr., is adding four new side options—sautéed spinach, baked sweet potato, fruit salad, and sautéed zucchini and squash, served individually or as plates.

Italy Pasta & Pizza, which has been serving the east side since 1990, now offers baked eggplant rollatini, a veggie pasta, a Mediterranean salad, and gluten-free goat cheese alfredo. The restaurant is located at 800 E. Loop 820.

The Library Café, at 1280 Woodhaven Blvd., is adding three new options—six-bean and veggie soup, roasted veggie wraps with creamy hummus, and veggie burgers on whole wheat buns served with tomato, lettuce, and pickle. Both sandwiches come with fresh fruit on the side.

The restaurants also are training staff and offering incentives for servers, said Clay Sexauer, retail foods coordinator for Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth. “We have seen promotions of Blue Zones-inspired items drive up orders as well as revenue, so it’s a win for everyone.”

Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth was honored with the Best Practice in Innovative Promotion Award at the national Blue Zones Project Summit last fall for creativity in supporting healthy dining options. Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth conducted a server incentive program, in which restaurants discovered a marked increase in Blue Zones-inspired orders and food sales.

To find a list of Blue Zones Project Approved restaurants, visit fortworth.bluezonesproject.com.


Yelp pages to display Fort Worth's health inspection ratings

Fort Worth is making restaurant inspection scores available at the touch of a button using Yelp, where many residents already look for dining information.

The right column on Yelp now shows health inspection scores.

Food inspection reports are shown on Yelp restaurant listings along with customer reviews, hours and other information.

It’s part of Yelp’s LIVES open data program — it stands for Local Inspector Value Entry Specification — and it allows consumers to see inspection data before dropping in for a bite.

Now, when would-be diners click on a particular restaurant listing, they’ll see the typical reviews, a link to the menu, hours, price range along with the results of its latest health safety inspection.

The goal is to help people make decisions and to increase food safety in Fort Worth, said Elmer DePaula, assistant code compliance director for consumer health. “Our consumer health group strives to visit every food establishment in the city. We’re pleased that the inspection results are now readily available with greater visibility in an easy-to-access format. It adds additional value to the inspection process.”

Neighborhoods of East Fort Worth Alliance Meeting

Please come join us for this April 8th planning meeting.

Lets work together to better insure a greater vision for East Fort Worth and the City of Fort Worth.

A special thank you goes out to both Judy Taylor - Vice Pres. NEFWA / Pres. The Handley Neighborhood Association and Tonya Ferguson - Sect. NEFWA / Pres. The West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association for their all their all that they do as active stewards for NEFWA communities.

With Best Regards to all,

Fred Fernandez - President NEFWA and President of White lake Hills Neighborhood Asscociation (WLHNA)

Infrastructure Improvements

11 streets in East Fort Worth to get improvements!

Posted March 15, 2017 — Water and wastewater mains are being replaced on 11 street segments and storm water improvements on three street segments are in the design phase for east Fort Worth.

The city’s Water Department will meet with residents at
6:30 p.m. March 27 at Handley United Methodist Church, 2929 Forest Ave., to discuss the project and impacts to residents.

Affected street segments include:

Water and wastewater mains replacement

  • McGee Street from the north dead end to Craig Street.
  • Routt Street from Forest Avenue to Hunter Street.
  • Routt Street from Hunter Street to Milam Street.
  • Routt Street from Milam Street to Mims Street.
  • Hunter Street from Church Street to East Lancaster Avenue.
  • Lumber Street from Church Street to East Lancaster Avenue.
  • Rockhill Road from Blueridge Drive to Oak Hill Road.
  • Jacqueline Road from Weiler Boulevard to Jacqueline Court.
  • Monterrey Drive from Danciger Drive to Oak Hill Road.
  • Meadowbrook Drive from Sandy Lane to Escalante Avenue.
  • Halbert Street from Routt Street to Church Street.


Stormwater improvements

  • Jacqueline Road from Weiler Boulevard to Yolanda Drive.
  • Monterrey Drive from Danciger Drive to Oak Hill Road


Culverts replaced

  • Meadowbrook Drive from Sandy Lane to Escalante Avenue.


After the utility work is completed, a temporary asphalt repair will be done until the street can be scheduled for rehabilitation or reconstruction by the Transportation & Public Works Department.

Freeway lighting along
East Loop 820 planned this year

Freeway lighting improvements along parts of Loop 820 will take place in three phases:

    Phase 1. I-30 to Rosedale. Work is underway with scheduled completion in September 2017.

    Phase 2. Rosedale to MLK Freeway-US287. Construction is scheduled for January-September 2018.

    Phase 3. MLK Freeway to I-20. TxDOT will perform these improvements as part of median barrier reconstruction. TxDOT estimates completion toward the end of 2017 or early 2018.

For each phase, improvement efforts included new electrical wiring, LED lighting fixtures and new poles if necessary. Funding for these improvements is provided through the General Fund’s annual freeway lighting budget and PayGo capital.

The City of Fort Worth is responsible for operating and maintaining freeway lighting along East Loop 820. This includes furnishing and funding electrical power, providing maintenance services and obtaining approval from TxDOT before making any major changes to the lighting system.

Project planning for the East Loop 820 improvements began during the summer of 2016 following an assessment of all freeway lighting infrastructure. This improvement effort was initiated in response to the poor condition of the existing lighting infrastructure and in coordination with TxDOT as that agency initiated other median barrier improvements that impacted freeway lighting.

East Brentwood Stair at Loop 820 gets divided median-no left turns

The city is laying new asphalt on the one block section of East Brentwood Stair, in between Loop 820 and Handley Drive, in front of the QT station. The street now has a raised curb-median to prevent left hand turns in both directions.  Traffic is being diverted/stopped to allow the big machinery to do the job.

This improved intersection will help with traffic flow during rush hours, and eliminates the car-damaging potholes and lumpy asphalt of this well traveled road.

All three entrances to the QT station remain open while the construction is occurring. Photo taken the morning of Feb. 17.

Want To Be Happy?

Silly question, who doesn’t want to be happy?   We understand that the pursuit of happiness is a right open to all, but how do we go about pursuing happiness?

Every day moving vans pick up people and move them to “happy land,” in the belief that everything will be better “over there.”  Trouble is, if you are miserable and unhappy in one place moving will not necessarily help, for “wherever you go – there you are.”

Others seek happiness and fulfillment through their work or careers.  That may indeed work, but what’s the result?  Those who live for their careers may find out too late that’s all they have.  In the end, it is hardly a satisfactory solution.

If you seriously desire to know true, lasting happiness, consider the words of Proverbs 16:20, “And blessed (happy) is he who trusts in the Lord.”  Before you dismiss that as religious mumbo-jumbo, remember it is a promise made by God, and confirmed by experience over the centuries  .  For more information, write bridgewoodchurch.org


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