Mayor Betsy Price personally congratulated Theda Fletcher on her 100th birthday at the recent Walking Town Hall in Handley.

Theda celebrates 100 years!

The community of Handley is well known in Fort Worth for its historic homes and character. One character in particular is Detheda Fletcher, known to many as Theda, who has called Handley her home since she was three years old, for a total of 97 years.

On May 13, 2017, her family and friends celebrated this beautiful lady's 100th birthday! Her home on Handley Drive is the neighborhood watering hole and drop-in café for everyone she knows. She has been known to stir up a meal in minutes, and serves the best home-cooked food in town. In addition to great meals, she offers wonderful hospitality. the secret to her long life is endless pots of coffee and a full kitchen table, lots of laughter, stories repeated over and over, which still make you laugh, and an accepting positive attitude towards everyone.

Theda is a ruthless player in her efforts to win at Skip-bo and ChickenFoot, friend or not!

Detheda was born in Merkel, Texas. Her family  moved to Fort Worth when she was three, where she has established so many wonderful memories. She was married to Dally P. Fletcher for 50 plus years. She has two sons, Larry and Dale Fletcher. She is the matriarch to her sons, and a host of neieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She is a source of strength and stability.

Detheda has been active in the Handley community her entire life. She has served and enjoys her church, Handley Baptist, and participates in community projects and events. She has traveled widely, so taking her along always guarantees "the best trip ever." She is fun, has been known to climb atop a dime-store horse, or the Billy Bob's Bull, a motorcycle, fire truck and who knows what else! She loves to try new things, and never meets a stranger. Friends say she will find a police officer to latch onto in most every destination.

Detheda is the heart of Handley. Here is a big happy 100th birthday wish from all her friends in Handley and East Fort Worth, wishing her many more years of bringing joy to families and friends.

Sales Tax Holiday for Water-Efficient, ENERGY STAR® Products

Set for May 27-29

(AUSTIN) — Texas families can save on the purchase of certain water- and energy-efficient products during the state’s Water-Efficient Products and ENERGY STAR® sales tax holidays. Both take place on Saturday, May 27, through Monday, May 29.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts estimates shoppers will save an estimated $10.2 million in state and local sales tax during the Memorial Day weekend sales tax holidays.

“Outdated water systems and inefficient appliances can put a tremendous strain on our water supplies and power grids,” Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar said. “By taking advantage of these sales tax holidays, Texans can make upgrades that will help alleviate those pressures and lower their utility bills — all while saving money on state and local sales taxes.”

This is the second year for the Water-Efficient Products Sales Tax Holiday. Products that display a WaterSense® label or logo can be purchased tax-free for personal or business use. These include showerheads, bathroom sink faucets and accessories, toilets, urinals and landscape irrigation controls.

The sales tax holiday also applies to water-conserving products used or planted for conserving or retaining groundwater, recharging water tables or decreasing ambient air temperature to limit water evaporation. Items qualifying for the exemption include soaker or drip-irrigation hoses; moisture controls for a sprinkler or irrigation system; mulch; and plants, trees and grasses. These items can only be purchased tax-free for residential use.

There is no limit to the number of water-efficient or water-conserving products you can purchase. Go to the Comptroller’s website for more information on the Water-Efficient Products Sales Tax Holiday.

During the ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday, the following energy-efficient products that display the ENERGY STAR logo can be purchased tax-free: programmable thermostats; air conditioners priced at $6,000 or less; refrigerators priced at $2,000 or less; ceiling fans; fluorescent light bulbs; dishwashers; dehumidifiers; and clothes washing machines (but not dryers). Go to the Comptroller’s website for more ENERGY STAR Sales Tax Holiday details.

Estimated annual energy and water savings for eligible products are listed below.

ENERGY STAR® Appliance vs. Conventional

Appliance Type  Energy Savings  Water Savings

Central Air Conditioners  8%

Room/Window Air Conditioners  9%

Refrigerators  9%

Ceiling Fans  60%

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs  80%

Clothes Washers  25%  45%

Dish Washers  12%  30%

Dehumidifiers  30%

Programmable Thermostats  7%

Source: U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Spring into some good, clean fun at Trash Bash on Saturday, May 20

The third annual Spring Trash Bash comes on the heels of a successful fall event that saw more than 5,000 volunteers pitching in.

Each year tons of trash and debris from urban areas and roadsides wind up in the river after a rainfall. Help clean up our river during the Trinity River Spring Trash Bash, 8:30-10 a.m. May 20.

Groups, families and individuals can volunteer to clean up tons of trash along the Trinity River. Organizers are looking to break last year’s record of more than 5,000 volunteers. Just choose an assignment location and register, then come ready to work on May 20.

When the trash is all bashed, volunteers are treated to an after-party with free food, door prizes and entertainment at Panther Island Pavilion, 395 Purcey St., and Cobb Park, 1600 Cobb Drive. The parties will last until noon.

It’s show time at the improved
Fort Worth Animal Shelter

Construction of the Fort Worth animal shelter expansion is complete, and the staff is excited to show off everything that’s new.

Bring your family and friends to check out where the dogs and cats call home while in the shelter’s care, meet their human minions and take a tour of the new areas. You can also learn how you can become a volunteer.

Reopening/open house

The grand reopening celebration and open house is set for 10 a.m.-6 p.m. May 20 at the Chuck Silcox Animal Care and Adoption Center, 4900 Martin St.

The shelter was built in 1998 when the city’s population was much smaller, and the shelter has not expanded in alignment with the city’s steady growth. Phase 1 shelter expansion called for spending $1 million of the total $2.3 million in bond funds for Animal Care and Control from the 2014 election.

Approximately 1,700 square feet has been added to the existing facility, including a new sally port, which is a drive-through entry point where staff trucks arrive to unload animals. The animals are off-loaded and placed into a secure area for intake processing.

Upon intake, protocols are in place to immediately care for the animals and to administer vaccinations, micro-chip, deworm and treat the animals for external parasites. This allows space where the animals can be kept comfortably while being evaluated for health and temperament issues as well as allowing staff to properly place animals in the shelter environment — whether it be for adoption, rescue, foster or the medical treatment ward.

The expansion also includes 100 new indoor enclosures, intake and outbound service areas and five new outdoor dog play areas. There are now 14 outdoor play areas at the facility.

Every pet that comes through the doors of the shelter has a story — often one of being abandoned and left to survive wandering the streets. More than 17,000 animals land at the shelter each year. Sometimes it’s the place where animals receive their first ounce of love, a healthy meal and a safe environment. It’s the ultimate goal for every staff member and volunteer to find loving and forever homes for every animal.

Adoption celebration

Adoption fees will be reduced for the weeklong celebration to $10 for all dogs and cats from May 20-28. Adoption fees include an initial medical examination, rabies vaccination, city license, micro-chip and spay/neuter services.

Reduced adoption fees will also be honored at the shelter’s two PetSmart Adoption Centers:

    4800 S.W. Loop 820 (I-20 at Hulen).

    2901 Texas Sage Trail (I-35W at Heritage Trace).


Randol Mill Road sewer rebuild to wrap up mid-August

Riverbend Estates is now connected to the new sewer main located along Randol Mill Road, and construction is expected to be finished by mid-August 2017.

The three-phase project replaced the major sewer collection line from Woodhaven Drive to Village Creek Wastewater Reclamation Facility, and is part of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative agreement between the City of Fort Worth and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The final project phase located from an area west of Mallard Cove Subdivision along the Trinity River to Woodhaven Drive near Randol Mill Road is in the final stages of construction. The existing sewer line is being relocated from within Riverbend Estates into the right of way along Randol Mill Road. After this is complete, the existing line will no longer be used.

To learn more, contact Project Manager Walter Norwood at 817-392-5026.


Randol Mill Road left-turn lane construction to get underway

The city’s Transportation and Public Works Department will meet with residents at 6:30 p.m. May 25 at Temple Baptist Church, 6824 Randol Mill Road, to discuss the construction schedule for a new left-turn lane on Randol Mill Road.

Construction is slated to start June 2017.

Reconstruction of Randol Mill Road from Loop 820 to Precinct Line Road includes widening roadway shoulders, intersection capacity improvements and adding a left-turn lane near Old Randol Mill Road. A roundabout at Precinct Line Road is also planned.

To learn more, contact Project Manager Wilma Smith at 817-392-8785.

New Veterans and First Responders Memorial Garden Dedication

FORT WORTH – Universal Health Services dedicates a new addition to the Memorial Garden to honor veterans and first responders at their in-patient hospice and palliative care facility on Bridge Street.

The uniquely solemn garden and its surroundings soon could become a place that the East Fort Worth community, patients and families can pay tribute to some of America’s heroes.

“Veterans have served our country out of a selfless sense of duty and dedication,” said Carolin Nicholson, Specialist 6, US Army. “Though we do not do it for praise or adoration, it touches my heart to know that people appreciate our service. Universal Health Resources’ Veterans and First Responders Memorial Garden is a very meaningful way of showing that appreciation.”

The dedication ceremony for Phase on Saturday, June 10, at 10:30 a.m., includes the unveiling of a sculpture by J. Moigniez and dinner on the grounds with Phase 2 to follow at a future date which will involve additional monuments and plaques to engrave honoring the branches of the armed forces, firefighters, police and EMS.

“Veterans and first responders are men and women who have served our country and community, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice,” said Kathy Walls, owner and CEO of Walls Universal Health Services. “It is my hope that our memorial garden will provide us with a vehicle to show our appreciation and gratitude for their service and attributes of courage, honor, discipline and sacrifice.”

For staff members, every patient and family whose care is entrusted to them is considered special and worthy of dignity and respect. It is a special honor to provide care and dignity to patients who have served our country through the military or first responder organizations. Serving the Veteran community has become a priority for the company as it has embarked upon a certification program established jointly by the National Hospice Organization and Veterans Administration

Just over 10 years old, Universal’s Hospice and Palliative Care Facility is still one of the largest free-standing in-patient hospice facilities in the Metroplex. The in-patient facility is one of the core services offered by parent company Walls Universal Health Services, owned by local R.N. Kathy Walls, whose vision is to provide a continuum of care through private duty staffing services, home health services and hospice.

“Universal’s hospice and palliative care facility is a hidden gem in East Fort Worth that brings comfort and peace to terminally ill patients and their families,” said Jon Glover, Director of Universal Health Resources, the non-profit arm of the company which provides financial assistance to families needing special services and goods not covered by Medicare or Insurance as well as providing last wishes to patients. “More a home than a facility, this 18-room care center allows families to spend quality time with their loved-ones while the nurses, doctors, and aides make sure that the patients are comfortable and pain-free. With home-like features such as homemade quilts on every patient bed, spacious private rooms, living room, soda shop, children’s play room, and even a movie theater, every consideration was made to provide a place of dignity and compassion.”

The dedication service for the memorial garden at 5651 Bridge Street, Fort Worth, 76112, on Saturday, June 10 at 10:30 a.m. includes optional and complementary fried chicken dinner for current military personnel and first responders or $10 for others.

Seating is limited. For more information and reservations for dinner on the grounds (by Monday, June 5), contact or (817) 451-1404.


 Microsoft / Windows does NOT have an outbound technical support team, here in the US or India. The real Microsoft will NOT call you if there is a problem on your computer. EVER!!

IF you get a pop-up warning window on your computer telling you there is a problem and to call "Microsoft" at some 800 number, DO NOT DO IT. DO NOT CALL THEM. IT IS A SCAM!!

Your call will be rerouted to a call center in India or Pakistan or someplace the US cannot stop what is going on. IT IS NOT THE REAL MICROSOFT.

The person on the phone will tell you "there is a problem on your network,"  you are doing something illegal / spreading a virus / or something nefarious to scare you into compliance.

Then they tell you to type something into your browser.

It takes you to a site that will eventually give this person on the phone the software that will let them control your computer.

They ask you to type in a password.

Once they have manual control of your computer, they will look through your registries to see what software you have installed and check your web password settings and on their end, capture ALL your confidential information and passwords.

While they have control of your computer, they will install software on your computer. They tell you it is to fix the problem, but in reality it will spy on everything you type, every log in and password, and reports back to this scam company.

Then they tell you "in order to fix your computer, you need to pay them $198.99" which is  just a few dollars under the $200 limit that sets off the warnings.

Many people give out their debit card number.

What these gullible folks don't know till a few days/weeks/ bounced checks later, is that this company is charging your debit card every few days, adding up to thousands of dollars, wiping out every penny in your checking account or running your credit card bill up to the maximum.

And some credit card companies are not refunding the money.

"YOU gave them your number, it was not stolen."

It is not the credit card company's fault you are gullible and fell for a scam. ("It's your own fault for being stupid.")

So, listen to me. DO NOT fall for this 'fishing' scam. If you think you have a virus, take your computer to a reputable repair place. Do not trust a voice on the phone in another country telling you there is a problem on your computer.

I spent over an hour deleting software that had been installed by this tech company to "fix" my client's computer. All spyware. Fortunately, he is an argumentative man and did not give out his credit card info, and they hung up on him.

Please tell everyone with a Windows machine not to fall for this trick. These crooks know you are not a computer tech savvy person and use that against you.


“Elections have consequences!”  How often have you heard that said?  However, even knowing that, how often have voters become disillusioned and upset by the results produced by the ones for whom they voted?  Realize also that what is true of elections is also true in our personal lives, that is, our decisions have consequences.

A father one time gave his son an object lesson in life.  He told his son to drive a nail into a post every time he did something wrong, and to withdraw a nail when he did a good deed.  The son did this for some time, driving in a nail for every wrong deed and withdrawing one when he did a good deed.

After a while, he had done enough good deeds to be able to withdraw all the nails that represented things he did wrong.  He proudly showed his father all the nails he had withdrawn, but wondered about all the holes left in the post.  “That’s how life is,” said the father, “you may change your ways and correct your mistakes, but the nail holes of wrong doing are still there.”  Decisions have consequences; make yours carefully.


Renee Higginbotham-Brooks

5601 Bridge Street, Suite 300, Fort Worth, TX 76112

(817) 334-0106 office



Over 30 years experience in:

• Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

• Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney

• Probate Administration

FWISD Teacher of the Year
is at Meadowbrook Elementary

Congratulations to Mrs. Lindsay Laster for being named FWISD District Teacher of the Year!

What a joy to spend the evening with Principal Terri McGuire and FWISD Elementary teacher of the year, Lindsay Newby Laster and her family. What a joy to see such a beautiful, energetic, innovative and worthy faculty member recognized out of the 5000 plus teachers in FWISD. So proud that she is with FWISD, District 2 and at Meadowbrook Elementary! #livenlovefwyouth

Lindsay Newby Laster was named the Elementary District Teacher of the Year. She teaches fourth grade at Meadowbrook Elementary School and has five years of teaching experience.  At the end of the second grade, a state test revealed that she could not read.  Strong advocates created a plan to help Mrs. Laster reach academic success, which had a lasting impact upon her life.  Mrs. Laster earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations-Anthropology from the University of Arkansas. Teach for America taught Mrs. Laster skills to be the instructional leader of her classroom and to possess the mindset required to put students first.  She is proud to serve children in her capacity as a teacher, parent and active community member.  Mrs. Laster believes that it is the responsibility of the school and its staff to develop, and maintain relationships with parents and community members, and she believes it begins with the teacher.

Regional population tops 7.2 million

Population in North Central Texas topped 7.2 million in 2016, according to North Central Texas Council of Government (NCTCOG) estimates.

Twenty-five cities in the region grew by more than 5 percent, according to the estimates, with 120,000 new residents throughout the region. Dallas had the highest absolute growth, adding more than 12,000 people, while Fort Worth added 9,000, followed by McKinney with 8,200.

Collin, Denton, Dallas and Tarrant counties each added more than 20,000 residents last year, accounting for 85 percent of the regional growth.  That averages to 40 people A  DAY moving to Fort Worth.

According to NCTCOG estimates, Fort Worth’s population on Jan. 1, 2017, was 815,430 – lower than the latest estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau of 833,319, which the city uses for planning purposes. The Census Bureau is set to release new population estimates this summer.

Full-, half-distance triathlons coming to Fort Worth

Posted May 12, 2017 | Last updated May 15, 2017

Mayor Betsy Price will welcome athletes from around the world to the inaugural Tri Fort Worth this month.

The inaugural Tri Fort Worth on May 21 will include full-distance and half-distance races in the heart of Cowtown.

The race, a joint venture of the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau and Trident Sports, will consist of 140.6- and 70-3-mile routes. The event is one of the few independent long-course triathlons not associated with the Ironman organization.

“You’re going to get to see our beautiful city, our trails, our downtown, the river,” Mayor Betsy Price said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun and the race experience of a lifetime.”

In addition to a 2.4-mile swim at Marine Creek Lake, competitors will have a 112-mile bike ride north to Krum, northwest of Denton, and back to downtown. The 26.2-mile run will begin and end in downtown.

Trained and ready to go? Register today.

To learn more, contact the Tri Fort Worth office at 817-735-8161.


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