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How well do you know the District 5 City Council Candidates?

Candidate Forum Monday, April,13 at 6:30pm

Handley Neighborhood Association is offering an opportunity for all interested in the City Council District 5 Race. A forum moderated by Wanda Conlin will feature Candidates Gyna Bivens and  opponent Bob Willoughby.  The forum will be in the Celebrity Healthcare Community Room at 5651 E. Lancaster Ave., Bank of America basement.

Please enter on the west side of the building near the old drive through.  3x5 cards will be provided to document questions before the forum begins allowing information to be organized to address like questions at the same time.

Early Voting begins April 27, 2015

Election Day is May 9, 2015

 Dr. Shirvani and Dr. Siroosian of Celebrity Healthcare Clinic would like to offer you the opportunity to tour the clinic after the Forum. Celebrity is a modern beautifully designed full service Dental and Medical Clinic for children and adults, all under one roof.

Hope you will take this chance to inform yourself about the City Council Race and tour the Clinic.

Editor's note: I have emailed Mr. Willoughby to request a photo for publication, since there is not one on his candidate website. There was no answer the phone listed on his site.

Use Safety precautions when responding to any Classified Ads

I hope that NextDoor is safer than Craigslist, but one can never be sure. After that sickening incident in Colorado last week, I want to make sure all of you responding or posting items to give away are using extreme safety precautions.

If you are the person with stuff, do not let anyone come to your house while you are alone. EVER!!

If you are the person looking at stuff, please do not go alone, and make sure someone else knows where you are going.

If you are going to meet someone in public, I would highly recommend you meet at any of our POLICE or FIRE stations. (a phone call to let them know you are coming & what you are doing would be helpful). While a shopping center seems like a public place, no one in the stores is coming to your rescue if something goes bad, and the person you are meeting decides to rob you at gunpoint.

Please remember, you are an honest person, not everyone you meet has the same moral standards.

Fort Worth chosen as pilot study site to build upon excellent police-community trust and relations

Attorney General Eric Holder announced a new initiative aimed at strengthening relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Fort Worth is one of six pilot sites of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, a Department of Justice effort to build trust between communities and local law enforcement.


The $4.75 million partnership with criminal justice experts is part of the department’s “ongoing commitment to strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve,” a Justice spokesperson said. It will invest in training, evidence-based strategies, policy development and research to combat distrust and mend bonds between law enforcement and the community.

“We’re pleased that Fort Worth was chosen as one of the six pilot sites for this national initiative,” said Mayor Betsy Price. “Fort Worth historically has an excellent track record of encouraging diversity as a city. This study will be a valuable tool to open the discussion on equitable treatment in major cities across the nation, including Fort Worth. This study gives us a tool to strengthen our partnership with the justice system and to continue building relationships in the community.”

Training provided by the initiative will cover bias reduction, procedural fairness and reconciliation.

“The Fort Worth Police Department is honored to be selected as one of the six pilot sites for this groundbreaking study,” said Chief Rhonda Robertson. “Upon learning about the project, we immediately realized the opportunity it would present to strengthen our existing community partnerships and to develop new relationships built upon trust within the community. Fort Worth is already an excellent place to live, work and visit, and we believe our participation in the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice will make it even better.”

Synergy Bank purchases lot at
1801  Handley Ederville Road

Synergy Bank SSB has bought a 1.7-acre tract for a future bank site at the 1801 block of Handley Ederville Road in Fort Worth.

The bank is scheduled to complete its new building in mid-2016, said J. Douglas Sanders, Synergy’s president and CEO. Synergy is based in McKinney and has locations in Denton, Garland and Waco. It has a temporary location in Riverbend Business Park, 2333 Gravel Drive in east Fort Worth.

Gary Vasseur with Vasseur Commercial Real Estate represented the buyer. James Wells represented the seller, LRB Holdings, Inc.

James L. Wells, Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker Since 1975

Crime Prevention Conference

January 17-21, 2015 of this year Fort Worth was privileged to host the 2015 Winter Conference for the Texas Crime Prevention Association at the Radisson located at Meacham and I-35.

Courses taught at this conference were Crime Free Multi-housing, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D), and a combat medic course. The TCTCPA raised the required money to host the conference to include training materials and the combat medic kits (these can end up saving the life’s for both Citizens and first responders).

 Much thanks to the Board of Directors for the Texas Chisholm Trail Crime Prevention Association (Local Region) and volunteers that made this conference a true success. This was significant as the very first conference was 40 years ago in Fort Worth.

Special thanks to North Division Crime Prevention Specialist, the volunteers, the Mayor, City Manager, Chief of Police and other dignitaries attended the event in welcoming those in attendance (more than 140 officers throughout the State).

Lastly the Fort Worth Police Department believes in Crime Prevention and believes in being proactive. I have attached the North Division News letter that has some photos of the event. (link is on Neighborhood News page–look for the yellow box with links to a variety of newsletters.)

If there is anything that I can do for you or the Neighborhood please let me know! Stay alert and together we make a difference! Officer A. Speed 817-988-1030.

BLOODBATH Bill–Senate Bill 11

Senate Bill 11, allowing the carrying of handguns on college campuses is going to be known as the Texas Bloodbath bill sometime in the not too distant future. It has passed in the Senate.

I, Kathryn Kroll, adjunct instructor at UT Arlington,  am 100% AGAINST this bill.

Why should my workplace be any less safe than the legislators who pass this bill? If guns are allowed in my classroom, then guns should be allowed in the Capitol and Legislature as well. Legislators can carry their own guns and defend themselves against any threat.

Why should I be LESS safe on my job than an elected official? Why should I be less safe than a bottle of Jack Daniels? The capitol has metal detectors, armed guards. Liquor stores have police at the entry.

What do I have for protection at UTA? NOTHING. Not one of the classrooms on the UTA campus has a panic button to call for help, most classrooms have doors that can NOT be locked from the inside. There is bad cel reception in some rooms, and the campus police force couldn't respond in time to save any of my students or me from certain death.

The bill is written so that the University cannot prohibit guns in the classroom. Fine. Then I will move all my classes to a liquor store, where me and my students have a slight bit of protection. Why should a liquor store be more protected than my college classroom?

Just like having a valid drivers license does not stop someone from drinking and driving & killing me with their car, a CHL does not stop any student from freaking out and opening fire in the classroom.

How will I know if someone has a CHL? Can I ask to see it? Are they required to have it on them at all times? What do I do about students who have a gun but no CHL?

If I determine a student is a threat to me and my students, can I safely evict him from class? Probably not. I am supposed to just stand there and assume that nothing bad will happen? yeah, right. I will be dead, and the state will be wrong. Dead wrong.

Parents: do you really want to take the chance that your child will NOT get shot by another student who is carrying a gun? Are you positive that your daughter will not be raped at gunpoint by that guy that can't get a girl, unless by force? Prove to me that a young woman with a gun in her purse could fend off an attacker before she is subdued. More than likely, the gun will be used on her.

This bill EXEMPTS the university from lawsuits that a parent might file after their child has been murdered. So parents get nothing but a body to bury. (and your child's life insurance probably will not cover classroom shootings.)

I have been teaching at the college level since 1990. In my 25 years of teaching, I have had  5 young men that went off the deep end– screaming, cursing, threatening me or trying to bribe me into giving them a better grade than they made on a test or project. If a gun was added to the mix, I would have been shot at least 3 times by now.

This is a very DANGEROUS piece of legislation.

I think parents should seriously reconsider sending their child to a UT school if guns are allowed on campus and in the classroom.

Our current legislators have forgotten the deadly assault on the UT Austin campus by one former Boy Scout, Marine, who killed his parents, his wife before taking aim on his fellow students, killing 16 and wounding 32 more.

Do we really want a repeat of this, or Virginia Tech, or Sandy Hook? If you agree with my arguments, contact your elected representatives to not pass this bill. It will NOT make our campus safer.

Read more:

I have contacted UTA for an official response to safety questions.

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