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Neighbor needed help– Eastsiders responded!

In less than 48 hours after a bad situation 'hit the air', on  Saturday, July 13, at 7am there were 30 people from Handley, West Meadowbrook, Central Meadowbrook and Eastern Hills with gloves, picker sticks, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, trucks, trailers and bags ready to move the trash/junk/debris whatever one might call it form the vacant lot just north east of Golden Chick on Craig.

By 9:30am the land owner was pleased with the results and plans to make a donation to the Homeless Coalition since he will not be charged by the City for the clean up  – that was going to be  astronomical priced.

Some that were unable to work brought food and water and bug spray.

What a good feeling to see neighbor helping neighbor, people can trash talk EFW all they want, but I know they are the best friends one could possibly have.

Special thanks to Mike Phipps, who is a community watchdog activist, and he started the emails asking for help. Mike led the cleanup efforts and  got the City to assist volunteers by picking up the piles placed at the curb.

Eastsiders Volunteer to help neighbor evict homeless camp from his yard.

Photos by Lloyd Jones.

WHAT A MESS!! Volunteers spent 1.5 hours cleaning up a vagrant camp on Craig Street on Saturday after Mike Phipps put out out a call for assistance. The owner, Mike Tansey, expressed his gratitude. He was facing fees to remove the debris left behind by vagrants in his yard after they were evicted from his property.

Due to vagrants criminal trespassing onto private property and setting up camp, the photos show what they have left behind for property owners to clean up. In situations like this the city will come in and clean the property, but will place a lien against the property owner.

MIke Phipps spoke with Keep Fort Worth Beautiful, all volunteers had to do is drag all the debris out to Craig Street and put it in a pile. Mike made arrangements that once everything was hauled to the curb, KFWB will send the boom truck out and pick the pile up.

Fourth of July Parades & Picnics

Eastern Hills

White Lake Hills

Zoning Case ZC-19-095  Approved for "E+P.D."

The property described as Lot 15-R-1 block 2 is outlined in yellow.

Charles Lawhon amended his purchase plan and Zoning Change request, after the 30 day continuance at the June Zoning meeting.

Originally, Lawhon wanted a straight “I” zoning, to match his other properties, which City Zoning Staff did not recommend, based on the City’s long range plans for the area.

After the June Zoning meeting, Charles Lawhon has changed the request from an “E” (which it is currently zoned) to “E + Planned Development” with 3 variances to the “E+PD” zoning to allow his future business to operate.

The three variances he wants included on his E+PD zoning are:

  • New Trailer parking
  • New Trailer Sales
  • Light Trailer “manufacturing” such as adding custom light kits, adding hitches on the trucks that do the towing. NO trailer construction/manufacturing will be done on site.

Planned Development zoning means that he will have to provide a detailed site plan to Zoning and the City for permitting. That site plan will get several other City departments looking at the property and the plans before he gets a permit to construct.

But he has to OWN the property first. After he buys it, then:

Storm water and drainage will be assessed by topography and by ground cover.

Urban Forestry will get involved regarding the large stand of old trees on the L portion of this lot, behind the church.

Utility services such as water lines, gas lines, sewer lines will all have to be measured and marked.



In the submitted site notes, Lawhon has listed on the plan:

  •  Waiver to allow a solid metal 8 ft tall fencing around the perimeter of the property.
  • He has agreed to use open-air fencing where his property meets the farmstead property to allow airflow and a view of the trees.
  • Will comply with Urban Forestry recommendations & regulations.
  • Will comply with landscaping ordinances.
  • Lawhon is more than willing to have blooming trees planted on the street side facing 820. For the additional trees he plans to plant, he stated that he wants Burr Oaks.
  • Will comply with signage ordinance.
  • E Zoning allows an 8 ft Monument sign at the entrance.
  • Will make sure that all security lighting points down, and does not shine into the backyards of homes to the immediate north on Shefffield Place.
  • He has stated that there will be a five foot green zone on the north fence line to help buffer the neighbors from his business.
  • He has stated that the business hours will be from 8am to 5pm weekdays only.
  • The gates will be shut and locked at 5pm, and there will be no business activity after 5pm or weekends. Trailer delivery will be made during normal business hours.
  • NEW Flat beds, horse trailers, cargo trailers are what he sells. Maximum trailer length is 40 foot long, ones that could be pulled by a regular pick up truck, not a commercial size truck.
  • NO FEMA mobile homes will be stored on this property.
  • The driveway into his business will be located close to the driveway of the church, away from the residential street Sheffield Place.
  • He stated his plans include a dust-free gravel surface that allows water drainage, that will not increase storm runoff or flooding of homes from a hard surface pavement.
  • The materials come from TXDOT, and will be tested for content (oils, toxins).
  • Lawhon estimates it will take about five years to get thru all the approvals to actually start this building this business site.
  • The zoning E+PD stays in effect until the land is sold, unless the same type business operates there.


Next step is approval at the August City Council Meeting.


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Breakfast Optimists Club of East Fort Worth  Honors East Fort Worth Students

Breakfast Optimist Club of East Fort Worth Hosts Annual Youth Appreciation Event

The Breakfast Optimist Club of East Fort Worth hosted its annual Youth Appreciation recognition event on Thursday for eastside students, families, school administrators and Optimist Members. The event at the Meadowbrook United Methodist Church featured one 4th or 5th grade student from 10 different east side primary schools. Students were chosen by school principals based on their current or future leadership potential. Accompanying the students were their families, their favorite teacher or and/or their principal.

Chief Judge of the City of Fort Worth Municipal Court (and former Optimist International President) Danny Rodgers presided as the MC for the evening and conducted entertaining and insightful interviews of each student. Focusing on each student provided them with singular recognition and praise and was positive proof that kids do indeed say the funniest things.

Students recognized during the event included Sarahi Sandoval Acuna of Sagamore Hill E.S.; Tianna Stephens of Eastern Hills E.S.; Kenneth Rosado of the Leadership Academy @ John T. White; Bridget Musenda of Bill J. Elliott E.S.; Jayshon Gibson of West Handley E.S.; Randee Slater of Westpark E.S.; Alexander Valles of East Handley E.S.; Eja Gatewood of Lowery Road E.S.; Victoria Young of Atwood-McDonald E.S.; and Michael Sian of St. Rita Catholic School.

The Breakfast Optimist Club of East Fort Worth was founded in 1963, and today the club boasts almost 100 members. The Club is one of several Optimist Clubs based in Tarrant County and beyond. The east side Club supports a variety of youth-oriented events both in and out of school and sponsors several Junior Optimist Clubs and works with both public and private school administrators to provide hope and positive vision that brings out the best in kids. The Club’s goal is to be recognized in Fort Worth as the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop their potential.

Group picture from left:

Sarahi Sandoval Acuna of Sagamore Hill E.S.; Tianna Stephens of Eastern Hills E.S.; Kenneth Rosado of the Leadership Academy @ John T. White; Bridget Musenda of Bill J. Elliott E.S.; Jayshon Gibson of West Handley E.S.; Randee Slater of Westpark E.S.; Victoria Young of Atwood-McDonald E.S.; Alexander Valles of East Handley E.S.; Eja Gatewood of Lowery Road E.S.; and Michael Sian of St. Rita Catholic School.

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