Eastern Hills Graduating Seniors

WALK at Elementary Schools


Dr. Scribner’s June employee video message focuses on the EHHS senior walk(s) on Wednesday and Thursday. Here’s the video message and an attached news release, which includes images from EHHS, Handley Middle and Handley Elementary schools on day one: 
YouTube: https://youtu.be/WSzriaLs8kc

Fox 4 News covered the walk at E. Handley which aired on Wednesday, but there unfortunately we can’t find a link to it online.  People who saw it said it turned out great.  Also, CW 33 covered the walk at Atwood-McDonald, a copy of which can be viewed on the EHHS Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EHHS/

We have a lot of pictures and videos that will be posted on the EHHS social media sites this weekend.

Meanwhile, the District photographer posted a photo album on the district page: http://www.fwisd.org/Page/10709 with some great pictures from Handley M.S. and E. Handley.

The Greater Meadowbrook News also had a photographer taking pictures, which should post this weekend as well.

Many thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this second annual event expanding from one school walk to eight. It wasn’t easy, but now that we know it’s possible to manage multiple senior walks during the short senior week of graduation, the focus will be on visiting each of the pyramid schools in 2018.

Based on all the smiling faces, hand-made signs and posters, and noisemakers, it appears that the walk accomplished exactly what it was intended to do: inspiring the young students while helping the seniors understand the journey they’ve taken and their new role model status.


Zoning Change Request by Alliance Homes  meets opposition

 I contacted Darwish Otrok of Alliance Homes by email on May 17 in regard to ZC 17-088 . He says Alliance has been in business for 30 years, but does not have a website?

Alliance Homes is building a house at 8701 Racquet Club Dr. in the Waterchase edition of Bentley Village-Waterchase. This house being built by Alliance Homes is in violation of the Waterchase Deed Restrictions. Alliance Homes and the owner were notified of the deed violations, but have chosen to ignore. Waterchase residents more involved than I may have better facts on the violations and restrictions.

In the email exchange Mr. Otrok, in my opinion, became defensiveness regarding the deed violations,  blaming the vagueness of the text and stated that I was opposing ZC 17-088 due to the deed violations in BVW.

Mr. Otrok states he has 'unanimous support' from the organizations around the proposed duplex project - I would like to know who is supporting these duplexes?

Judy Taylor has some very good points regarding the proposed 78 townhouses sounding like high density apartments and becoming "a train wreck like Woodhaven." I don't trust ZC 17-088. I am opposed to high density townhomes that could turn or flip to rental property.

DR Horton / Express Homes is building Augusta Meadows: 200 houses in this immediate area ranging from 1,566 sq ft at $190K - 2,366 sq ft at $219k. Is there a need for 78 townhomes adjacent to Augusta meadows?

The Comprehensive Plan calls for Intensive G (drug stores, studios, offices, health care, retail sales, banks, restaurants, hotels, skating rinks. etc....). This property is zoned appropriately at G and does not need to change. With the 200 new homes being built by DR Horton we need the businessmen that G zoning can bring.

I would encourage all NA's in the vicinity of this ZC to contact Melissa McDougal and Wanda Conlin with your opinions regarding this case before it appears on the zoning docket Weds - June 14. Supporting or opposing.




This is the letter the company sent to the nearby  associations:

On May 17, 2017, at 1:05 PM, Darwish Otrok wrote:

Good Day,

 Please allow me to introduce myself, My name is Darwish Otrok  manager at Alliance Homes in Fort Worth, Texas.

I am asking for your support in my case for the change of zoning at  1600 T square i, Fort Worth, Tx 76120. Zoning Case ZC-17-088 We are requesting a change from "G" to "R2" which will allow us to  build higher end Townhomes that is very much in demand to help  improve the living standard in the area and offer affordable housing.

The subject area is located south of IH 30 West of Eastchase,  between Ederville Rd and Brentwood Stairs Rd.

Our plan is to build about 78 Townhome units.

I look forward to your support and available to meet with you to

answer any questions you might have.

You can reach me at 817-480-0731

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Best Regards,

Darwish Otrok

Alliance Homes


Easatern Hills High School District Walk

Warmer Weather brings out criminals - car burglars, home invasions and more

Reports of car burglaries, home invasions, teens jumping the back fence to rob a home and other crimes are being reported daily on NextDoor.

MAKE SURE all doors are locked. Garage Doors. Patio Doors. Doors between the Garage and home. Lock your windows too.  Leave a front porch light ON every night. Well lit streets are a good crime prevention tool. (If you are worried about running up the electric bill, switch to LED lighting. There are solar options you can put on the eaves of your house to light up the yard. Even the brightest electric LED bulb left on all night will only consume a few minutes worth of electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus, LEDs are more resistant to weather and power surges.)

Be safe, be aware. Report suspicious activity on your street.

Mayor Betsy Price personally congratulated Theda Fletcher on her 100th birthday at the recent Walking Town Hall in Handley.

Theda celebrates 100 years!

The community of Handley is well known in Fort Worth for its historic homes and character. One character in particular is Detheda Fletcher, known to many as Theda, who has called Handley her home since she was three years old, for a total of 97 years.

On May 13, 2017, her family and friends celebrated this beautiful lady's 100th birthday! Her home on Handley Drive is the neighborhood watering hole and drop-in café for everyone she knows. She has been known to stir up a meal in minutes, and serves the best home-cooked food in town. In addition to great meals, she offers wonderful hospitality. the secret to her long life is endless pots of coffee and a full kitchen table, lots of laughter, stories repeated over and over, which still make you laugh, and an accepting positive attitude towards everyone.

Theda is a ruthless player in her efforts to win at Skip-bo and ChickenFoot, friend or not!

Detheda was born in Merkel, Texas. Her family  moved to Fort Worth when she was three, where she has established so many wonderful memories. She was married to Dally P. Fletcher for 50 plus years. She has two sons, Larry and Dale Fletcher. She is the matriarch to her sons, and a host of neieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She is a source of strength and stability.

Detheda has been active in the Handley community her entire life. She has served and enjoys her church, Handley Baptist, and participates in community projects and events. She has traveled widely, so taking her along always guarantees "the best trip ever." She is fun, has been known to climb atop a dime-store horse, or the Billy Bob's Bull, a motorcycle, fire truck and who knows what else! She loves to try new things, and never meets a stranger. Friends say she will find a police officer to latch onto in most every destination.

Detheda is the heart of Handley. Here is a big happy 100th birthday wish from all her friends in Handley and East Fort Worth, wishing her many more years of bringing joy to families and friends.

Stop Six homes get a helping hand

Volunteer workers paint shutters and spruce up a home as part of the Team Up to Clean Up event. (Photo courtesy of 6 Stones)

Armed with shovels, paint brushes and giving hearts, more than 100 volunteers with Atmos Energy, 6 Stones and Fort Worth’s Neighborhood Services Department cleaned up eight homes this week.

The Team Up to Clean Up event identified eight families in desperate need of help around the home. Some of the projects included repairing roofs, rebuilding fences, trimming trees and other beautification efforts.

Two of the families were in Fort Worth’s Stop Six neighborhood, on Ramey Avenue and Hampshire Boulevard. Other families that received assistance were in Haltom City, Richland Hills, Hurst, Bedford and Euless.

Fort Worth is in the midst of a $2.56 million investment in the Cavile Place/Stop Six community to improve public safety, promote economic revitalization and enhance community engagement.

New Veterans and
First Responders
Memorial Garden Dedication Saturday, June 10

FORT WORTH – Universal Health Services dedicates a new addition to the Memorial Garden to honor veterans and first responders at their in-patient hospice and palliative care facility on Bridge Street.

The uniquely solemn garden and its surroundings soon could become a place that the East Fort Worth community, patients and families can pay tribute to some of America’s heroes.

“Veterans have served our country out of a selfless sense of duty and dedication,” said Carolin Nicholson, Specialist 6, US Army. “Though we do not do it for praise or adoration, it touches my heart to know that people appreciate our service. Universal Health Resources’ Veterans and First Responders Memorial Garden is a very meaningful way of showing that appreciation.”

The dedication ceremony for is on Saturday, June 10, at 10:30 a.m., includes the unveiling of a sculpture by J. Moigniez and dinner on the grounds with Phase 2 to follow at a future date which will involve additional monuments and plaques to engrave honoring the branches of the armed forces, firefighters, police and EMS.

“Veterans and first responders are men and women who have served our country and community, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice,” said Kathy Walls, owner and CEO of Walls Universal Health Services. “It is my hope that our memorial garden will provide us with a vehicle to show our appreciation and gratitude for their service and attributes of courage, honor, discipline and sacrifice.”

For staff members, every patient and family whose care is entrusted to them is considered special and worthy of dignity and respect. It is a special honor to provide care and dignity to patients who have served our country through the military or first responder organizations. Serving the Veteran community has become a priority for the company as it has embarked upon a certification program established jointly by the National Hospice Organization and Veterans Administration

Just over 10 years old, Universal’s Hospice and Palliative Care Facility is still one of the largest free-standing in-patient hospice facilities in the Metroplex. The in-patient facility is one of the core services offered by parent company Walls Universal Health Services, owned by local R.N. Kathy Walls, whose vision is to provide a continuum of care through private duty staffing services, home health services and hospice.

“Universal’s hospice and palliative care facility is a hidden gem in East Fort Worth that brings comfort and peace to terminally ill patients and their families,” said Jon Glover, Director of Universal Health Resources, the non-profit arm of the company which provides financial assistance to families needing special services and goods not covered by Medicare or Insurance as well as providing last wishes to patients. “More a home than a facility, this 18-room care center allows families to spend quality time with their loved-ones while the nurses, doctors, and aides make sure that the patients are comfortable and pain-free. With home-like features such as homemade quilts on every patient bed, spacious private rooms, living room, soda shop, children’s play room, and even a movie theater, every consideration was made to provide a place of dignity and compassion.”

The dedication service for the memorial garden at 5651 Bridge Street, Fort Worth, 76112, on Saturday, June 10 at 10:30 a.m. includes optional and complementary fried chicken dinner for current military personnel and first responders or $10 for others.

Seating is limited. For more information and reservations for dinner on the grounds (by Monday, June 5), contact jon@wallsuniversal.com or (817) 451-1404.

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