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FWISD Teacher of the Year
is at Meadowbrook Elementary

Congratulations to Mrs. Lindsay Laster for being named FWISD District Teacher of the Year!

What a joy to spend the evening with Principal Terri McGuire and FWISD Elementary teacher of the year, Lindsay Newby Laster and her family. What a joy to see such a beautiful, energetic, innovative and worthy faculty member recognized out of the 5000 plus teachers in FWISD. So proud that she is with FWISD, District 2 and at Meadowbrook Elementary! #livenlovefwyouth

Lindsay Newby Laster was named the Elementary District Teacher of the Year. She teaches fourth grade at Meadowbrook Elementary School and has five years of teaching experience.  At the end of the second grade, a state test revealed that she could not read.  Strong advocates created a plan to help Mrs. Laster reach academic success, which had a lasting impact upon her life.  Mrs. Laster earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations-Anthropology from the University of Arkansas. Teach for America taught Mrs. Laster skills to be the instructional leader of her classroom and to possess the mindset required to put students first.  She is proud to serve children in her capacity as a teacher, parent and active community member.  Mrs. Laster believes that it is the responsibility of the school and its staff to develop, and maintain relationships with parents and community members, and she believes it begins with the teacher.

Kathryn Kroll, President of BOHN presented a $200 check to the Eastern Hills Garden Club sponsor Belinda Bentley Halicki, and Seniors Makayla Parson, Makayla Hammond, Gabriella Sanches, Johanna Almed, Ty Sims. Kris Reynolds, president of Eastern Hills Homeowners Association, Rita Vinson, past president of Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborhood Association, also attended.
 Tom Cook was on hand to help build boxes. Photos by Charles Hodges

Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborhood Association Donates $200 to Eastern Hills Garden Club

Brentood-Oak Hills had their quarterly meeting on Thursday, February 16, at the Handley Meadowbrook Community Center.

The guest speaker for the evening was the newest principal at West Handley Elementary, Julie Moynihan, invited by Rita Vinson.

As some of you know, Rita Vinson just completed two years of service on the board Fort Worth League of Neighborhood Associations, serving as its president for 2016.  On August 15, 2016, she saw an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram which listed 22 FWISD schools rated as "Improvement Required."  A few days later she  thought it would be good to link up neighborhood associations with these 22 schools to see if there are ways the Associations can provide a variety of community support, tailored to the needs of each school.

There is not a school within the BOHN boundaries, and the schools nearby that BOHN children attend are Eastern Hills Elementary School, which is not on the "IR" list, and Eastern Hills High School, which is, but by just one point.  Those schools already get support from Eastern Hills NA and from alumni of EHHS.

Rita proposed that the Brentwood-Oak Hills NA (BOHN) learn about the needs of West Handley Elementary, which is on the IR list.  It is one of three IR schools which are in the area of the Handley NA, and three schools is too many schools for one NA to "adopt."

Rita has proposed that BOHN partner with West Handley ES students, parents, and staff for the April 1 Cowtown Cleanup activity as a way to get acquainted.   (The school is located at 2719 Putman St., which runs alongside the Assured Faith Church of God in Christ, where BOHN used to hold meetings.)

The major problem in FWISD elementary schools citywide is literacy, and volunteers are needed to help students learn to read at grade level by the third grade.  They especially need volunteers who are bilingual in Spanish and English.

The possibilities are limited only by our imagination on ways we can support the school.  West Handley is starting a garden, and Rita talked with master gardner, Dawn Hancock, about lending assistance.  Dawn is willing to do this and is already doing it for Meadowbrook ES's garden.

One school asked for books for the students to read while on the school buses.  All the students at another school received free toothbrushes when it was learned that most of them didn't have one.

After Julie spoke, we also heard from Trustee Christene Moss, and Eastern Hills Charles Hodges, and student Makayla, member of the Joy Club and the Gardening Club. She told what the 2 clubs do for students, and what the plans and goals are for the community vegetable garden.


Following the meeting, Rita composed this letter on behalf of the Association:

Dear Ms. Moynihan:

Thank you so much for taking time to meet with the Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborhood (BOHN) Association last night to tell us about your school and its students and the school's needs.

After you spoke we also heard from Charles Hodges, Director of the FWISD Eastside Alliance Community Partnership (EACP) of the 13 schools in the Eastern Hills High School pyramid.  He brought with him an EHHS student, Makayla Parsons, as his first Community Engagement student to visit a neighborhood association.  She talked about the EHHS Joy Club and its Garden Club, and she lives in the BOHN neighborhood.

Later in the meeting, spontaneously, a member made a motion, which passed, for the BOHN Association to

1.  Donate $200 to West Handley ES, to be used at the principal's discretion, and

2.  Donate $200 to Eastern Hills HS in support of its Garden Club.

I am proud that our organization made this level of commitment to the two "IR" schools that are closest to our neighborhood.  Since our dues are only $5.00 per year per household, these two donations represent about 70 per cent of our annual income.  I hope this is an indication of our members' willingness to help your school in other ways, as well.

Best of luck in all of your endeavors as principal of West Handley ES.  Go Owls!

Rita M. Vinson, BOHN VP Communications

Poly Radio, The Parrot


Poly Media Pro (You Tube Channel)


Poly Video Board (Slides are played during the day at Poly on Video Monitors in Cafeteria and Library for latest news)

Eastern Hills High School Classmates get together for lunch at Mexican Inn on E. Lancaster. The luncheon was held January 21st from noon till 3pm. The  next luncheon will be May 20th and the last lunch for 2017 will be Oct. 21st - same time - same place!

If you attended Eastern Hills High School, you are invited to attend.

Poly Career & College Day –Jan 27

Poly seniors helped Kat carry 4 box loads of work samples out to her car: Kevian Douglas, Bryana Graves, Banks Graham, Noelia Garcia,
and Curtis Gibson. Thank you for your assistance. I enjoyed meeting you. ~Kat


Jan 27 was College and Careers day at Polytechnic High School. Representatives from most of the nearby colleges and universities had a table with literature to distribute. Non college workforce training facilities were also represented.

Students had an opportunity to go visit each table and  learn about the colleges and the degree career programs they offer.


IPAA/PESA Petroleum Academy at Southwest High School Excel in PetroChallenge

Thirty-nine students in the IPAA/PESA Petroleum Academy at Southwest High School (IPAS) proudly competed in the esteemed PetroChallenge in Houston, TX on January 27, 2017 with three students capturing first, second and third place team wins.  The event was sponsored by Schlumberger, Occidental Petroleum Corporation and NeXT.  IPAA/PESA’s competition is the only PetroChallenge open to high-school students.

The three Southwest High School IPAS students who helped their teams win awards totaling $900 were:  Josiah Butterfield on the “Earthbutter Drilling Inc.” team seizing a First Place win of $400.  Esteban Rodriguez on the “Men in Oil” team clenching a Second Place win of $300, and Dailon Wynn on the “Big Box” team grabbing a Third Place win of $200.

The Petroleum Academy at Southwest High School and four Houston-based petroleum academies were divided into teams of four.   Each team created an oil and gas exploration company with a fantasy budget of $200,000,000.  Team goals were to create the most value for their company while learning roles associated with geology, engineering, and the business segment of the industry.  The teams studied seismic surveys and environmental maps to determine the best place to find hydrocarbons.  They formed partnerships with other teams, chose rigs and selected subcontractors to drill - all while considering corporate social responsibility in their quest to maximize profits.

Hats off to our team winners and to all of these students for enthusiastically competing!


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